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Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

17 years of hard-won experience and expertise in local SEO services in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India. We offer ROI-driven local digital marketing at the most  affordable rates in the industry.

We are a specialist local search engine optimization services (Google local SEO services) company who also provide a range of other local digital marketing services, including local social media marketing services.

Why are Google local SEO services so critical for a small business?

Research clearly shows that most customers first search on the Internet for products and services in their locality. This is where a good local search engine optimization services (local SEO services) company plays such a pivotal role.
Typically, a potential customer will first search in say Google or Bing be it a restaurant, a dentist or car rental. Once they locate you they will also use a tool like Google Maps to get directions to your place. This consumer behavioral trend is a well established practice and in fact is only becoming more prevalent because of the enormous growth of the smartphone market and the ever increasing trend of searching on the GO!

Getting a Google local business SEO listing- is it such a specialized job?

Yes it is. As a premier local SEO services company, our team of experts based in Bangalore, India  have delivered solid results across the USA, UK and Asia Pacific markets. We have over 17 years of experience in Google local SEO services and have over time developed our own small bag of tricks, which help us to get our clients to the top of local listings in an ethical manner.
Our Google local SEO methodology and best practices have evolved over time and have proven to be incredibly successful over the last decade.

The Rainmaker Advantage

Proven Expertise, Solid Results

17 years of Google expertise and delivering Page 1 ranking even in very competitive categories.

Width & Depth of Experience

IT solutions & services, FMCG, consumer durables, hospitality, healthcare, finance & insurance, telecom… yes, been there, done that!

100% Google ‘Mobile First Indexing’ Compliance

Our mobile SEO methodology is 100% compliant with current Google best practices.

Maximize Conversions

We will fine tune your website, and this will significantly boost your conversion rates.

The Best Local SEO Packages

We offer the most cost-effective and affordable local website optimization (SEO) services pricing and packages.


Our Google Local business SEO Services Methodology

Competitive Analysis –

Always do the groundwork. We first do a complete and in-depth competitive analysis to understand what your competitors are doing – what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses. This forms the basis of our strategy for our clients.

Keyword Analysis – 

We then do an exhaustive keyword analysis based on real time search data from your borough. No guesswork here. As a premier local SEO services company, our team of experts based in Bangalore, India have acquired great insights into the country-specific terms and phrases that distinguish the USA, UK and Asia Pacific markets. This is very important when it comes to doing a targeted keyword research and analysis exercise.

Meta Tags Development –

We will blueprint your entire website and develop the page-specific Meta tags in such a way that each page will clearly tell the search engine crawler, what that page is all about. This will ensure efficient indexing of the pages, by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Content Optimization – 

Content is King – and that’s the bottom line. We will provide depth and originality to your content and ensure that the content reflects the targeted keywords in the required keyword density.

Google My Business Listing –

We will assist you in getting your business listed in Google My Business listings. This is arguably the most vital cog in the wheel. This activity needs to be done very accurately and also needs to be updated periodically.

Link Building – 

We will continue to support your website, with an intensive monthly link building campaign.
Links are like gold nuggets and quality back links will greatly strengthen the websites credentials in the eyes of a search engine like Google.

Got a challenge for us? We guarantee we have the solutions. Lets Talk…

Got a challenge for us? We guarantee we have the solutions. Lets Talk…

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