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Social Media Packages

Social Media Packages

Rainmaker offers the best, affordable monthly social media marketing management packages and custom pricing plans that can be tailored to your budget and business needs.

At Rainmaker, we offer 3 levels of social media marketing management pricing packages to faciliate our clients in the USA, UK and India to identify what best fits their budget and business needs. Besides these packages we also offer the most cost-effective custom SEO pricing plans that can be tailored to your unique business requirements. If you are not sure about which package to opt for, all you have to do is Contact Us and our experts will assist you in selecting the plan that is best suited for your budget and business needs.


(Need a Custom Plan? We will work out the best deal for you, designed to suit your business needs... CONTACT US)

Activities Starter Standard Enterprise
Strategy Development      
Target Audience Profiling      
Competitive Analysis      
Profile Creation / Optimization      
Social Trend Analysis      
Hashtag Trend Analysis      
Timeline Posts Per Week 1 3 5
Group Creation      
Relevant Groups – Interaction Frequency 2 4 6
Respond to Comments & Replies      
Video Sharing (Client to Provide)      
Spam Removal      
Targeted Page Likes (Paid)      
FB Review Posting      
FB Insight Monitoring      
Placing Call to Action Button      
Monitoring Traffic – Google Analytics      
Profile Creation / Optimization      
Hashtag Trend Analysis      
Posts Per Week – Tweets & Retweets 1 3 5
Twitter Friend Following      
Likes to Other Posts      
Responding Fresh Followers      
Content Optimization      
Respond to Messages & Mentions      
Lists Creation      
Monitoring Traffic – Twitter Analytics      
Profile Creation / Optimization      
Hashtag Trend Analysis      
Relevant Groups – Interaction/Engagement 1 3 5
Linkedin Posts Sharing      
Query Response Management      
Joining Relevant Groups      
Increasing Page Followers      
Performance Review      
Monitoring Traffic – Google Analytics      
Video Submission (Client to Provide)   1 2
Title Creation      
Descriptor Creation      
Tag Keywords      
Thumbnail Selection      
Posting on other Video Sharing Websites   2 4
Profile Creation / Optimization      
Image Sharing – Per Week 1 3 5
Hashtag Trend Analysis      
Follower Increase      
Comments & Likes On Posts      
Image Tagging      
Follower Management      
Monitoring Traffic – IG Analytics      


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Please Contact Us, to get the most competitive rates for any of the packages.

We respect the fact that each website is a unique business challenge by itself. While we do provide a comparison chart of our 3 social media marketing management packages, we avoid that most common pitfall of giving a flat rate for each package. We actually further customize the above packages to give you the most cost-effective plan that is just right for your business.

Got a challenge for us? We guarantee we have the solutions. Lets Talk...

Got a challenge for us? We guarantee we have the solutions. Lets Talk…

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